About Us

About Us

Why Us?

At Swiss Monkey, we know you just don’t fix teeth or create smiles. You change lives. You provide your patients with hope and confidence. You’re committed to their optimal well-being. Here at Swiss Monkey, our mission goes beyond making you more profitable.

We’re driven by our vision to help you build your dream practice. We want to connect you to the best talent – whether they’re working in or out of your office. We know that running a practice while being the dentist is hard (to put it mildly!) but that together, we can help you build a thriving, successful office. We’re here to let you know you are not alone and that we are here to help. We hope to have the pleasure to serve you.

Our Promise and Commitment to You.

We promise to give you our best.

We promise to be committed to helping you build a thriving and profitable business.

We promise to be accountable and transparent in what we do.

We promise to treat your team and your patients with the utmost respect and dignity in all our interactions.

We are committed to continuously learning and growing with and for you (and enjoy doing it!).

We promise to come to work for you with enthusiasm and gratefulness or allowing us to be part of your team.

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Dr. Toomin

“Thank you for being professional and having such a positive attitude, and really being on top of your fame. You really have been the best of any of the people we have worked with. I can't thank you enough for being there because it’s just such a void in our field.”

Dr. Khoshrozeh

“Swiss Monkey has been so helpful and responsive to helping our office find great candidates. Their experienced dental staff has also been a great resource for me and my wife on how to design a hygiene program and ways that we can make our office more efficient. They’re an amazing resource for doctors and I highly recommend them. It’s been hard to find something like them and we are so thankful we found them!”

Candace, OM

“Our office has been working with Swiss Monkey for a few months now and we could not be happier. All of the ladies at Swiss Monkey are so wonderful. They have been so awesome in finding us our last 3 employees. I would highly recommend them to everyone.”

Dr. Tiffany

“A+ Testimonial for Rachel at Swiss Monkey!! A totally capable… talented… energetic… smart… core… valued… refreshing… tenacious… respectful… as well as able to listen & quickly assess what the real qualities of a person are in general. In short… an absolute, long overdue breath of fresh air.”

Dr. Gutierrez

“It’s hard to put into words how extremely happy and satisfied I am with Swiss Monet and their concierge service. They helped me find two new awesome team members for positions that I was attempting to fill for months! Their attention to detail, personal touch, and expertise is so rare in the world today and I will gladly be a Swiss Monkey member for the like of my practice! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Chris, OM

“Swiss Monkey has been so helpful in finding us an associate and specialist. It's a great resource for any practice looking for an extra and experienced hand when it comes to staffing. It can be extremely challenging and time consuming and having a dental-specific team like Swiss Monkey has been a great resource!

Ready to get started?
It would be our pleasure to serve you.

Ready to get started?
It would be our pleasure to serve you.